PowerMTA Monitoring Help Guide

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Virtual MTAs

The "Virtual MTAs" page provides a listing of the virtual MTAs that currently have messages in the queue. We do not list all configured virtual MTAs, only virtual MTAs with messages in the queue. The virtual MTAs are sorted by number of recipients. Each virtual MTA listed also links to a top domains page that subsequently lists the top 10 domains in the queue for the specific virtual MTA, ranked by number of recipients in the queue.

  • Name - Name of the Virtual MTA as specified in the config.dat file.

  • Domains - Current number of domains in that Virtual MTA.

  • #Rcpt - Current number of recipients in the queue for that Virtual MTA.

  • % Total - What percentage of all recipients "#Rcpt" represents.

  • KBytes - Size the messages in queue are currently using for the specified Virtual MTA.

  • #Conn - Number of outbound connections for queues in this Virtual MTA.