PowerMTA Monitoring Help Guide

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Inbound Traffic

The "Total" counters show the total messages received and sent since the mailer was started. Similarly, the "Last Hour" and "Last Minute" counters show the total messages received and sent for the respective time intervals.

The "Top/Hour" and "Top/Minute" lines show the highest throughput of messages observed per hour and minute. The various counters are measured independently of each other, i.e., the top number of inbound recipients may or may not have happended at the same time as the top number of outbound recipients.

Outbound Traffic

The same as Inbound Traffic, but refers to SMTP outbound traffic.


The "Connections" section shows the number of currently active connections, the top number of simultaneous connections made since last restart, and the maximum number of inbound and outbound simultaneous connections available given your license activation key and configured limits.

Domain Names

The "Domain Names" section shows the number of DNS entries currently in PowerMTA's internal cache, as well as the number of DNS queries pending, i.e., currently taking place or scheduled and waiting to take place.


The "Spool" section shows the number of spool files and directories currently being used for storing queued messages. This section also listed if the spool files have been correctly initialized after startup.


The "Queues" section provides top level counts of current messages in queue for each of the delivery methods available: SMTP, discard, file and pipe. The counts include the total number of recipients currently in the queue, total number of destination domains for these recipients, and the total size of data in the mail queues to be delivered, for each method.


The current state of the PowerMTA service.

Started on

The last time the PowerMTA service was started.


The amount of time that has passed since the last time PowerMTA was started.