PowerMTA Monitoring Help Guide

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Top 10 queues by number of recipients

The "Queues" page provides a listing of the top ten queues ranked by number of recipients.

  • Name - Name of the domain and Virtual MTA if applicable, in the format domain/vmta. A warning icon is displayed when there are low delivery rates. Low delivery rates are calculated from the data in recipient events, when the delivery count is less than 90% of the total of these last events. See Queue Details for recipient event summary count and the detail of each event. No warning icon is shown if there are 10 or less recipient events for that queue.

  • #Rcpt - Number of recipients currently in the given queue.

  • KBytes - Current size of queue.

  • #Conn - Number of outbound connections the queue is currently using.

  • Paused - Whether the queue has been paused or not.

  • Mode - The mode of the queue, either normal or backoff.

  • Last Error - Shows the last PowerMTA notifications (for example, in the case of a configured rate or connection limit being hit) or gateway level error PowerMTA received from a remote site on a connection attempt for the queue.


    Display options

    Help with the display options output
    The "Queues" page consists of a "view options" form which after submitting, generates an output similar in format to the "Queues" page, but for the specific queue and based on the other parameters specified.

  • Queue name - Name of the queue you want to query.

  • Sort by - Determines in what order the results will be displayed.

  • Connections - Number of outbound connections the query results are currently using.

  • Paused - Only list queues paused, not paused, or both.

  • Mode - Only list queues in the specified modes.

  • Display at most - Limit the query results to a specified number.

  • Refresh every - Refresh the results after the specified amount of seconds. Useful for ongoing monitoring.