PowerMTA Monitoring Help Guide

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Queue Detail

The "Queue Details" page provides detailed information for the queue (domain/virtualMTA) chosen.

  • name - Name of the queue in question.

  • recipients - Number of recipients currently in the given queue.

  • KBytes - Current size of all messages in given queue.

  • active connections - Number of outbound connections the queue is currently using.

  • paused - Whether the queue has been paused.

  • mode - Current mode of the queue.

  • backoff reason - If the queue is in backoff mode, this would show the defined SMTP pattern matched in the config file and the SMTP response returned by the remote host that put the queue in backoff mode.

  • next retry - Time of the queue's next retry, if any.

    Disabled Source IPs

    Displays the disabled source IPs for this queue. This section is omitted if no source IPs are disabled.

    Last Errors

    Shows the last ten PowerMTA notifications (for example, in the case of a configured rate or connection limit being hit) or gateway level errors PowerMTA received from remote sites on connection attempts for the queue.

    Recipient Events

    Provides a summary count of deliveries, bounces and recipent deferrals for up to the last 50 recipient events for the queue. The "Show" button is red when the delivery count is less than 90% of the total of these last events. The button is green when the delivery count is 90% or greater of the total of these last events. The button is grey when there are 10 or less recipient events available. Click the "Show" button to list the events, and which is sorted by time stamp initially. Click on a column header to sort by that column data.

    Queue Settings

    "Queue Settings" is a list of PowerMTA settings that are currently in place for the given queue. For more information on these settings, please see the User's Guide.