PowerMTA Monitoring Help Guide

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Traffic Totals

The "Total" counters show the total messages received and sent since the mailer was started. Similarly, the "Last Hour" and "Last Minute" counters show the total messages received and sent for the respective time intervals.

The "Top/Hour" and "Top/Minute" lines show the highest throughput of messages observed per hour and minute. The various counters are measured independently of each other, i.e., the top number of inbound recipients may or may not have happended at the same time as the top number of outbound recipients. Based on a rolling 5 second counter.

Top Domains in the Queue

The "Top Domains in the Queue" section provides a listing of the top five domains in the queue ranked by number of recipients. For each domain listed, the number of the number of recipients, the percentage of total queue size that domain represents, and the number of open connections are displayed.

Active Connections

The "Active Connections" section shows the number of currently active connections open for both SMTP inbound connections, and SMTP outbound connections.

Queue Totals

The "Queue Totals" section provides the number of current messages currently in queue, the max amount of recipients (based on system resources), and what percentage of that maximum number is currently being used.


  • Edit configuration - Allows for in browser editing of the PowerMTA configuration file.

  • Add license key - Allows you to add, edit, or update you PowerMTA license.

  • Run Command - Allows you to run PowerMTA commands from this facility (PowerMTA "admin" privileges required).



  • User's Guide - The PowerMTA User's Guide for this server's version of PowerMTA.

  • Port25 Support - Email Port25 technical support.