PowerMTA Monitoring Help Guide

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Top 10 domains by number of recipients

The "Domains" page provides a listing of the top ten domains ranked by number of recipients.

  • Name - Name of the domain in question.

  • #Rcpt - Number of recipients currently in the given domain.

  • KBytes - Current size of all messages in given domain.

  • #Conn - Number of outbound connections the domain is currently using.

  • Last Error - Shows the last PowerMTA notification (for example, in the case of a configured rate or connection limit being hit) or gateway level error PowerMTA received from a remote site on a connection attempt for the queue.


    Display options

    Help with the display options output
    The "Domains" page consists of a "view options" form which after submitting, generates an output similar in format to the "Domains" page, but for the specific domain and based on the other parameters specified.

  • Domain name - Name of the domain you want to query.

  • Virtual MTA - Name of the virtual MTA you would like to include in the query.

  • Sort by - Determines in what order the results will be displayed.

  • Connections - Number of outbound connections the query results are currently using.

  • Display at most - Limit the query results to a specified number.

  • Refresh every - Refersh the reults after the specified amount of seconds. Useful for ongoing monitoring.